Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Like many, I have started a blog (written/video)-- www.mrmusicismybusiness.blogspot.com --but unlike many it will Chronicle the journey of a budding young executive and those I have been blessed enough to come in contact with. It will involve People who INSPIRE me such as *Entertainers like Bryan-Michael Cox, Janelle Monae, Idriis Elba and Andrew Miller …all who represent that next wave. *Young EXECUTIVES like Don Bowie, Michael McConnell, Tommy Popps, Melanie Roussell, Ty Walker, Tania Parker, Byron Wright, Evita Kaigler, Xavier Jernigan, Chris Wade, Cathryn Marie, Sherry Bitting, Charles Stephens and Jason Murdock…all who have made major sacrifices to be where they are and still growing.

*Mentors like Ali Muhummad, Sean Combs, Cappriccieo Scates, Chuck Bone, David Albritton, Bobby Jones, Kwesi Fraser, Oronde Garret and Bruce Burch…all people who have helped and continue to help develop me into the executive I am today.

Hopefully this blog will educate, inspire, entertain and provoke thought to all who want it. I guess you can say this will be a continuation of what you may have viewed regarding Music Is My Business on CNN, Vh1 etc. I am blessed to have had many people reach out in the last several months with questions, comments etc. Maybe this blog will be the answer to some of those questions/comments.

Below are links to the existing video-blogs already posted...

God Bless, Aaron Arnold (a.k.a. Mr. MusicIsMyBusiness)

CEO, Music Is My Business